Problems with holding off on Probating a Will

As a Experienced North Texas Probate Attorney one of the issues I typically see in probate usually arises when no probate is initiated after the death of the first spouse. Where the deceased spouse has no children outside of the current marriage, then cleaning up title issues are a simple matter. However, that is not always the case.

If a person dies with a Will, the Executor typically has four (4) years to bring the Will to probate court. If four (4) years have elapsed, the only way to probate a Will is as a Muniment of Title. Otherwise, it is as if the person died without having a Will. This is critical when a family is a blended family.

In a situation where the decedent has children from a prior marriage, if that spouse dies without a Will, then that spouse’s children actually inherits that spouse’s share of property. It’s always the best course of action to have your Estate Planning documents updated regularly as situations in your life changes.

Why is this an issue?

Many times the spouses own a home together. The spouses believe when one dies, the other gets 100% of the home because they are married and it is their community property. In this situation, many do not initiate probate when the first spouse dies. Maybe the surviving spouses wants to sell the house and move in with one of their children, or move into a smaller home. The surviving spouse does not own 100% of the house and now he or she cannot sell the house.

When one spouse dies without a Will, all community property is split 50% to the deceased spouse and 50% to the surviving spouse. The deceased spouse’s 50% share now passes to their children in equal shares.

When a spouse dies with a Will leaving children behind from a prior marriage, it is imperative that the Will is admitted to probate. Don’t wait until it is too late.

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